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DCJJ held its end of year belt grading on Monday night seeing a bunch of students grading up to the next level, Many of the students that graded have trained many year to achieve there new belts and its amazing to see them all grow and evolve. Its also great to see Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in Geelong taking such positive steps forward for delivering such a high stranded while many other academies are moving down the path of quick fast gradings to get people in the door but giving up on quality control  we  at DCJJ have maintained and respected to art by always placing to stranded of our belts at the as a for front of our academy. YES Jiu Jitsu is hard, YES it will test you and YES you will not be given a belt at DCJJ you will earn it but as the old saying go’s “if you don’t earn it it isn’t work having” and everyone that graded has more then earned there new belts . OSS

Huge well done to all
Blue belts
Trent S, Dave C, Ryan G, Ryan A, Adam W, Adam G, Sam J



Purple belts

Luces H, Andrew J, Byron K, Michel J


Brown Belt

Troy R


Check out some pics from this amazing event

img_5092 img_5098 img_5114 img_5124 img_5172


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