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As a woman you’ve got to prepare for the ground.  Most situations happen on the ground this is a nice way of saying that if you are a women and you are attacked there will be a point that you will end up on the ground, Most people have no idea how to protect them self and even less idea when a situation hits the ground. Lets be honest if your are attacked are you a 55kg Women going to KO a 110kg Man that it much stronger and has bad intentions with a perfect punch also some arts look at weapons but most people don’t go walking around with bats or knives on them just to go down the street to get the shopping .
will this happens in the movies but not in real life and this is were jiu jitsu comes in, Jiu jitsu is designed for the smaller lighter person to be able to defend them self against a lager stronger person giving you the best opitunity to control a situation so you can vacate to safety and get to a safe place.


Some of the elements of Jiu Jitsu

  • Efficiency
  • Leverage
  • Control
  • Patience
  • balance
  • Confidence


Self defence Jiu Jitsu for Kids Its no secret that jiu jitsu is amazing for kids on so may levels, from teaching kids to defend them self with out using unnecessary violence to another person, to the confidence and friendships the develop along there journey.
Jiu Jitsu teaches you child to have the ability to control a situation in the best way posable, Not to result to throwing Violent punches and kicks to the head of another child. We teach kids to calmly and cleanly control there opponent or Bully until a teacher of adult can come and deescalate the situation or to control and exit the situation safely with out hurting them self or others.
Your child will learn to defend themselves from bullying in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • They will gain confidence in their daily life.
  • Your child will learn about team work and camaraderie.
  • They will learn about discipline, its principles and how to work towards goals.
  • They will increase their exercise habits and learn healthy living habits that will last a life time.
  • They will increase there confidence and confidant people don’t attract bullies
  • The will meet people from all warps of life and make new friends
  • shy kids come out of there shel and become more out going
  • Healthy eating is all part of the jiu jitsu lifestyle.
  • increase flexibility and mobility in your child
  • Learn super powers such as balance & leverage
  • They will learn about respect and how to respect others

This is just a few amazing quality jiu jitsu can give all people from Kids to adults

The power of jiu jitsu is real and life changing Join DC JIU JITSU GEELONG and start living the positive, healthy and safe  jiu jitsu lifestyle.

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