DC Jiu Jitsu Kids are back for term 4

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Its so amazing to have our kids classes back in full swing this week, We started off this Wednesday night with Group 1 kids class and also with Thursday night Group 2 kids class.DCJJ Geelong would like to say a huge Welcome to all the kids that have joined the academy this term that have come from other academies in the Geelong area, you are all a huge part of our academy and team now and we look forward to Instructing and training with you :). This therm is going to be HUGE ! We also had our first Future Champions program we went over Da La Riva to Single leg X guard and armlocks from the back control.
These kids are pushing there level and love for jiu jitsu every day, We would also like to say a huge well done to all the kids that graded at the end of last term in there belts and stripes.
for all the parents we will have more info on the website soon about the registration processes for IBJJF and AFBJJ competitions very soon, so you can get your child ready for up and coming competitions, and remember to check out our website for all the info on Kids gradings , as we stated we have many kids coming other local academies that are not following the IBJJF or AFBJJ youth grading system so having the correct info about gradings on the DCJJ website and it is a must for the development and education on Jiu Jitsu in Geelong that parents and kids understand the correct way to grade and the Jiu Jitsu grading system.

Thank you all for the academy support and lets have an amazing term 4 !!!!!!

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