DC Jiu Jitsu 5 Tips for Jiu Jitsu Beginners

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5 Tips for Jiu Jitsu Beginners that will hep you in your first few months of training and through out.

In this blog we look at 5 tips to help DC Jiu Jitsu Geelong beginner students as they start there journey into the amazing work of jiu jitsu.


1 – Warm up 
This is a much over looked part of jiu jitsu even at the more advanced stage many people come to the academy and do a quick roll around and jump right into training, Jiu Jitsu can be quite demanding on the body so make sure you warm up your body well before hitting the mat, work out a routine that works for you, get to the academy 15min before class and go over the routine to minimise those niggles our body’s can have.


2 – Relax 

This is a big one for beginners, Some times people join jiu jitsu and think the goal is to win but its not, its to learn and you may find that the thing holding you back is not your lack of strength or speed or that the opponent is better but its your self. Thrashing movements and relying on straight make jiu jitsu much harder to take in as you do not see the details right in front of you face and can make the same mistakes over and over until you let go of the losing or tapping part and start focusing on the learning part. Try to breath as you roll and allow your self to feel the movement and react rather then stop or block as you relax you start to see options and details that will speed up you learning process.


3 – Train with everyone
This one is simple really the more people you train with the more games you will encounter and more expiriance you will gain, training with all shapes and sizes, genders and belts will put you into all kinds of situations and you will have to learn to deal with them all as needed. Your team mates are there to help you as you grow and learn on the mats.


4 – Train as much as you can 

As the saying go’s if you want to be a good surfer then you have to get in the water and this is the same with jiu jitsu, Hitting the mats as often as you can or as often as your life style allowed is a must. mat time is important and sneaking in that extra session can be huge.


5 –  Progress will happen

Jiu Jitsu takes time and over a few weeks and months you will begin to see progress, You may find your self under mount our side control at the beginning and as you gain more expiriance and understanding you will find you can survive from tapping longer and start to put together some escapes, this is normal, remember Michael Jordan was not the best over night it took years to develop his skilled and its the same in jiu jitsu, Try to take away small victories each night, look at what your night was like what you did well and what you could improve on, if you find your self getting arm bared a lot it may not be that you need to be able to defend a arm lock better, it may be you are getting your guard passed to easy and this is were you need to work on to give you a better understanding of defence over all. Enjoy the ride,  Take your time and see your self grow.



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