Self Defence class coming soon to DCJJ Geelong

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We are exited to announce a new upcoming class to the DCJJ Geelong time table
the self defence class, The class will adress self defence situations following the self defence Unit as shown by Rickson Gracie and the Jiu Jitsu Global Federation (JJGF).
class will run for 30 min with instruction of technique, Drilling instruction, Stress testing, variations.
if you have never trained jiu jitsu before this is an amazing intro to the are if you are a beginner or advanced student this class will give you another approach to some old and new techneqes.

Class brake down (one class a week)

1. Base

2. Two Handed Choke

3. Headlock attacker upright

4. Mount Escape (UPA)

5. Rear Bear Hug over arms

6. Mount Control

7. Single Hand Collar Grab

8. Hip Throw

9. Guard Pass

10. Americana from mount

11. Headlock with Punch

12. Scissor Sweep

13. One Handed Collar Grab (Bully grip – Palm turned up)

14. Headlock on the ground defense w/ frame

15. Neck grab from behind

16. Cross Choke

17. Striking Approach and Clinch

18. Guillotine Choke

19. Rear Naked Choke

20. Back Position Control

21. Two handed grab hands apart

Class time and day TBA soon

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