Kids Jiu Jitsu Geelong growing every term

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The future of Jiu Jitsu is looking very bright for Geelong and surrounding areas with our new Kids (5-9 years) &  junior (10 to 13 years) jiu jitsu programs doing amazing this has been evident through the results in competition.
the junior  program is doing especially well with the classes mirroring the advanced adult classes and we are seeing our kids getting stronger not only in mind and body but there evolution of skills and understanding in the art.
Our mission at DCJJ is to expose jiu jitsu to the younger generation via self defence and competition giving them well rounded principles and over all skill as they transition into the adults classes later in there training.
the format of class works as follows

– warm up
Run, movement drills (solo), partnered movement drills, Take down / Guard pull drills, skill building games on feet or ground and fitness drills.

– Instruction & drilling
Technique is shown in detail outlining the nights position, students drill slow at the start to feel and understand the details then time is given to speed up the Technique in real time as they would do it in sparing.

– Specific training and Free training
Specific training is after the technique is instructed and drilled we then spare in the Specific area studied
for example – if the instruction is a guard sweep then students in partake in Guard and passing drills for times rounds

Free training is were students train in free sparing to timed rounds changing partners each round, rounds start from standing and continue when the match hits the ground only starting if a submission is gained.

We believe we have the best kids classes in Geelong, we push them to be better and better them self through hard work and discipline, up to date Technique and our instructors are focused on there development also  because we believe in our kids and respect them and there training.


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