The DC Jiu Jitsu teenage class is a dynamic and exiting jiu jitsu class aimed to develop not only the understanding of jiu jitsu but the development of young adults to achieve there goals on and off the jiu jitsu mats, at DC Jiu Jitsu believe jiu jitsu is a amazing way reinforce healthy values and habits in all areas of life.


DC Jiu Jitsu provides a challenging environment that teaches young adults martial arts techniques and real-life skills that they can employ both inside of the school and in real life situations. These classes are structured to help the students become more mature adults.

DC Jiu Jitsu provides itself on its proven approach to student development, We provide self-defense and competition proven techniques in a friendly and challenging environment. Our goal is to help your child achieve there goals inside and out side of the academy using the values of martial arts.


DC Jiu Jitsu provides the perfect atmosphere for teens to grow into mature young adults. Through our structured classes and continued practices, your teen will be given the opportunity to grow into a real-life champion and carry with them lessons from inside the academy that will positively affect their behaviour outside of the school.

Jiu Jitsu teaches discipline, respect for self and others, connection to community, goal setting and goal achievement, social cohesion and team work among many many other values that will be extremely beneficial for Teens to become become more mature adults.





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