Jiu Jitsu is an amazing martial art with deep history and ethics its is with the up most that we uphold the spirit and respect of jiu jitsu’s Code of Conduct. All students at DC Jiu Jitsu Geelong follow this Code of Conduct during training hours.

  • Always be respectful to all instructors and students. 
  • Greet teammates upon entering the mat. (Shake everyone hands upon entering mat)
  • Leave your ego at the door, Jiu Jitsu is about learning not about winning 
  • Be carful while training with other students, our goal is to have all students training all the time, the will to win should never over take the will to learn. 
  •  Never intentionally harm anyone.
  • Absolutely no coaching your child or other students during class times.  
  • No foul language inside the academy. 
  • do not leave the mat area with out informing the instructor or coach first.
  • When the Instructor is demonstrating the technique students must sit or stand in good posture and reframe from talking. 
  • Talking during class should be kept to a minimum and related to jiu jitsu. 
  • always were your shoes or thongs when off the mat. 
  • A jewellery, piercings, necklaces and other items should be removed during training.
  • No shoes, Food or drinks are allowed on the training mats at any time.
  • When training with students not as advanced as you, your goal should always be technique over strength.
  • NO SLAMS. Once again the goal of the academy is to learn technique not hurt each other.  
  • Leg locks will be taught for knowledge and defence purposes. Leg locks will be allowed for certain skill levels with the instructor’s permission but may only be performed on those that are also allowed to perform the techniques as well. If you do not feel comfortable rolling with leg locks let your teammates know before the roll starts. Straight foot locks are allowed at all levels. 
  • Competition class format – IBJJF rules for the GI rounds / ADCC rules for NOGI rounds (also refer to last two rule above).  
  • Racism or Bullying of any kind is not permitted and will result in cancelation of membership.
  • Please follow the DCJJ hygiene rules located in the “Hygiene tips for DCJJ” Page on this website. 
  •  and most of all HAVE FUN. 

The DCJJ code of conduct is here for the safety and respect of all students training at DC Jiu Jitsu Geelong, By following this you will be upholding the spirit of the academy, the Instructors and jiu jitsu.

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