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DCJJ Affiliation Program


Thank you for your interest in our DC Jiu Jitsu Affiliation Program! To ensure the quality of people and instructors, we have some questions that will give us some information about your self and your academy. This is like a quick introduction, After we receive the questionnaire, one of our representatives will contact you to talk more in depth about DCJJ Affiliation Program.
DC Jiu Jitsu is more than just an affiliation. We are a group of like minded & united People who love the values and principles of the art of jiu jitsu.
​The DCJJ Team motto is ONE TEAM / ONE DREAM we truly believe in this as it represents the DCJJ team.

To fill in the Academy Affiliation form Click the button – ACADEMY AFFILIATION FORM

Below is a lIst of Offical and affiliated DC Jiu Jitsu academies.


DC Jiu Jitsu 

Prof. Daniel Cherubin – 3rd Degree Black Belt
150 Fyans st
South Geelong 
phone: 0400 600 045
email: dcjjcontact@gmail.com


Trojan Jiu Jitsu

Prof. Darran Petty – Black Belt
Unit 2 / 35
Ascot Drive, Huntingfield, TAS
phone: 0481 040 017
email: dppt@live.com


Progressive Jiu Jitsu

Prof. Daniel Lawson – Black Belt

3, 21-23 Dundee Avenue,
Holden Hill, SA
phone:0422 634 015



Evolution Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Prof. Sam Cannons – Black Belt 

32 Hood Street,
Airport West Melbourne,
VIC, Australia 3042

Phone: 0405 006 986

                                                Email: info@evobjj.com.au                                      



Bellarine Jiu Jitsu 

Coach Anthony – Purple Belt 

90-110 Smythe st
St Portarlington, VIC

phone: 0414 502 733

email: anthony@bbjja.com.au

DCJJ Quick Contact

use this form to enquire about our one-week free trial or any other general enquiries you may have.