How to get started at DC Jiu Jitsu

Getting started at DCJJ Geelong is convenient and super easy, all you need to do is:

  • Go to our BOOK A CLASS area on the DCJJ website (this website).
  • From the timetable pick the class you want to attend & click on it
  • Fill min the reservation & Waiver form
  • your all done and ready to attend your first class

*  Just a note that you only need to book your first class only to fill in your waiver form, after that you are welcome to attend any class on the timetable with out booking.





Benefits of the Beginner’s Program

Starting Jiu Jitsu and never trained before? There is a huge amount of information to take in. Our Beginner classes will take you though a detailed and comprehensive look at the basic concepts, positions & techniques allowing you to develop your skills with other students around your level of fitness and understanding. This class is designed for the person that has never trained Martial Arts or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before.
The Basics 

“The basics” is a term you will hear a lot while training jiu jitsu, so what dose it mean ? its simply a way of describing a group of techniques and concepts that are the foundation or building blocks of jiu jitsu. To help you get started on your jiu jitsu journey we have uploaded some basic information  kick off your training, from learning how to tie your belt to basic movements such as the hip escape and beyond.  you can find more online training videos at the DC Jiu Jitsu online training youtube channel .

The Community  

Although Jiu Jitsu is a personal journey nothing can be achieved with out our team mats support and guidance at DC jiu Jitsu you will have the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and learn and eventually pass down what you have learned to others, our academy culture is friendly, relaxed and welcoming to all. through out your training you will hear many time people say “Jiu Jitsu is not about winning or losing, its about learning” and at DC jiu Jitsu we believe in the process of jiu jitsu and how the benefits of it can help people in all areas of life.  DC Jiu Jitsu truly is a place for the whole family to train.

Book a free Class today ! 

All new members are welcome to  a Free class, this is so you can fully see how the academy runs, how jiu jitsu is and if jiu jitsu is for you, also to see if our time table fits into your lifestyle, we offer this as a no obligation trial before students choose to sign up. you can book a class by clicking the button below.


DCJJ Quick Contact

use this form to enquire about our one-week free trial or any other general enquiries you may have.