Personal One on One Attention and Feed back- The DC Jiu Jitsu group Jiu-Jitsu classes are designed to help you grow and learn the fundamental and advance techniques, Concepts & movements, ect, The difference is that when you are training one-on-one with an instructor, you will gain immediate feedback regarding your technical execution how you are approaching the situation and since  supposed to feel and can help adjust anything that may need some tweaking to get things working more efficiently.

Flexible training times – We all know how crazy life can get and sometimes this means we just cant make it to scheduled weekly classes, This is were private tuition is a great option, you will always be able to get your weekly dose of DC Jiu-Jitsu fit in around your lifestyle.

Quick Boost to your Jiu Jitsu Game – If you regularly attend the group classes and want to tighten up on a few techniques or get some new ideas to work on in class, you can schedule a one-time private class to give your game the boost it may need.

Quicker road towards achieving your goals – Private lessons can put you one step ahead of your competition, and give you that edge you need. When you are learning BJJ you need to have an answer for every situation, and taking a private with an instructor can help you find those answers more quickly.

Roll with your Professor – Private lessons are also a chance for you to roll with your instructor, which can teach you a lot. They can analyse your game better by feeling you roll, and point out holes in your game. In a large class setting it may be hard to get this opportunity, so take advantage of private lessons.

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If you would like to Book a Private Jiu Jitsu lession please fill in the form and we will be in contact with you to arrange further details regarding a time that would suit you best and to go over what your goals you would  like to achieve.