Not all jiu jitsu academies are the same and not all kids classes in jiu jitsu academies run the same, this is very important when making a decision on where your child starts there training. Many jiu jitsu academies will place there kids classes as a after thought and not as a priority, at DCJJ Geelong we place our kids program and our students as a priority to ensure proper development of skills and belt grading through out there training years. Here are some things you can expect when training at DCJJ Geelong.



At DC Jiu Jitsu Geelong we have a fantastic kids program designed to teach your children Jiu Jitsu in a non violent, fun and safe environment.

We specialise in empowering children who have never partaken in any physical activity or have been victims of  bullying at school and transforming them into confident, respectful, outgoing and skilful young people.

The classes involve stretching, warm ups, Jiu Jitsu games, drills and Jiu Jitsu training. We focus on Self Defence and Anti-Bullying to in-still the values of discipline, respect and hard work.



Please note Kids classes do not run on over school holidays or Public holidays.  



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