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NOGI (submission Grappling / MMA Grappling) Classes have been pumping at DC Jiu Jitsu Geelong, so many students joining up and taking advantage of the free training for the month of January, we have see a huge increase of student from all around Geelong and the surf coast, from Torquay & Jan Juc to Grovedale, Belmont to Geelong CBD, north Geelong, south Geelong and beyond.
Many of the students joining have no experience with Grappling or jiu jitsu but have been jumping into classes and having a ball, many of the student joining also have trained in other martial arts such as Boxing, judo, kickboxing, Thai boxing, karate and many other amazing arts all jumping in to give there training a bust and make there training more well rounded.

you can book into a class at the timetable tab on the top of the main DCJJ homepage, we FREE training to all new students for the month of Jan.

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